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Brilliant Features

RoadPilot is constantly evolving in response to feedback from our community. Here are some headline features:

  • Camera Warnings

    RoadPilot’s database contains more than 100,000 speed camera locations added by our team of surveyors and our community.

  • Community Driven

    When you report a new speed camera, that will be shared with every RoadPilot user there is!

  • Eco Driving

    Our Eco Driving Gauge helps you monitor your driving style and therefore help the environment as well as your wallet.

  • 30+ Countries

    Driving on holiday? We've got you covered. With initial coverage in over 30 countries, our database grows as the community grows.

  • Digital Speedo

    A GPS based accurate speed reading is displayed at all times whilst driving.

  • Journey / Trip Computer

    Trip data is automatically stored as you drive. View a list of your journeys and then select one to view the trip on a map.


We have history

Founded in 2000, RoadPilot was the first company in the UK to launch a GPS-based speed camera detection/location system. The company continues to develop groundbreaking speed camera location solutions for consumers and businesses.

Hardware Foundations

We understand how your smartphone works! Our experience in creating pioneering GPS hardware has helped shape the way we have grown and evolved as a company. We have always kept our design and interfaces simple and user friendly. RoadPilot Mobile is simple and straightforward to use, whilst providing all the features you would expect from a RoadPilot product

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Why People Love Us!

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